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Model net maker (production of fishing nets)

  • Danija
  • 3500 - 4300 (bruto)
  • SINTEF Ocean AS
  • Pilna darbo diena
  • Iki 01.08
  • prieš 2 savaites

SINTEF Ocean is searching for a model net maker (production of fishing nets) in Hirtshals, Denmark.


SINTEF Ocean AS is a leading multidisciplinary research organization that conducts research and development within ocean-based industries. The Norwegian research institute is headquartered in Trondheim and has offices in Tromsø, Ålesund, Oslo, Bergen, and Hirtshals in Denmark. The flume tank in Hirtshals is operated by SINTEF Ocean, where we carry out experiments including models of fishing gear, aquaculture structures and other sub-sea structures. The test experiments are assignments for suppliers from all over the world where down scaled models are to be used. The flume tank has been upgraded continuously and stands today as a unique large-scale development and very versatile test facility.

The Fishery technology group in SINTEF Ocean's department of Seafood Technology is searching for a model maker of fishing gear such as trawls, seines, pots, gillnets, and net cages. Our vision is to help developing the fishing sector further towards utilizing the marine resources as sustainably and profitably as possible.


Work task:


  • Making models of downscaled fishing gears based on specifications (drawings) and directives from the project manager. Fishing gears are normally made from sheet netting made from nylon, Polyethylene or other materials, sections are cut from the sheets and sewn together by hand.
  • Making models of downscaled net cages for farmed fish based on specifications and directives from the project manager.
  • Participating in model tests in the flume tank, including rigging up the test equipment and models, and carrying out measurements of the models.
  • Participating in daily work and maintenance of the tank facilities.


We are looking for a candidate who has:


  • experience and knowledge in fishing gear production and/or net making.
  • ability to work independently and accurately.
  • ability to be flexible in terms of work tasks.
  • ability to deliver on time.
  • good knowledge of English.


We offer:


  • safe, comfortable and good working conditions.
  • salary by appointment and qualifications.
  • highly skilled and pleasant colleagues.
  • to be a part of a large Norwegian research institutet.


Workplace: Hirtshals, Denmark (

Embloyment: by agreement.


The position reports to the Research manager of the Fishery technology group. A brief application with CVs and transcripts must be submitted by 1 of August 2020


Further information about the position may be obtained from:

Harry Westavik, telefon +47 9269 0216

ID: 5eda104a4c7e7 356 3